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Want to be my October BOTM?

Mbf: Nialls-sperm
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Have to be a 1D/5SOS/multifandom

I’m looking for:
quality posts
an organized theme
good url
and a friendly and active blogger

the winner will get:
a friend
a spot in my updates tab for the month
a follow if I’m not already following you
a forever spot on my navi page
and 8 solo promos throughout the month

Reblogging will end on September 16
Then I will pick 7-10 blogs and put them in a poll
I will message those blogs telling them that they are in a poll
If you are not chosen, I will promo you once
Voting ends on September 30 and the person with the most votes wins :)

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

MTV’s Hottest x

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Limited Edition Single Cover

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they’re so CUTE they are best friends why can’t they shine



children and dads get all the attention from harry at shows i didn’t buy a pushup bra for this disrespect